Managing Anxiety and Stress in a Relationship

Being in a relationship can be both bliss and misery. Obviously, between the two we enter into these verbal contracts with individuals of our liking for the rainbows, sunshine, and butterflies of it all. However, when two individuals that are just that, individuals, decide to occupy a great deal of one another’s time conflict is bound to erupt. It’s this kind of conflict that can cause someone already dealing with any of the numerous anxiety disorders into a tailspin. The following are the best ways to combat any future or current problems for the betterment of your relationship’s well-being.

Open Communication/Setting Goals.

At the beginning of a relationship alert the partner of your anxiety diagnosis, whether it is clinical or simply self-awareness to what may be triggering and can spoil an otherwise fruitful endeavor. Listen to your partner so you may have a clear perception of how to navigate possible landmines, stay on the same page, and in times when you are not, understand how to get the best resolution. Being clear and comprehensible is the key!

Practicing Self-care.

Being an active participant in the nurturing of your relationship is important. Remember you are a whole person in your relationship and take time to not only prioritize your mental health (meditation, self-actualization, etc.) also keep in mind your separate life from your partner must take precedent in the avoidance of losing yourself in the relationship.


A professional outside of the equation may bring a clearer perspective toward issues that are provided or overlooked. In counseling, healthier practices can also be presented when it comes to disturbances to the advancement of your relationship, whether it’s acknowledging or managing.

In conclusion, there will be tears in the fabric of harmony in romantic endeavors when a long-term status is a goal. However, those tears that are bound to happen should not cause detriment to either party’s mental well-being, self-esteem, or sense of self. For an individual with anxiety, it can be the slightest of nudges that can make bad situations perilously worse. However, their simple steps can be taken in avoidance of this impediment, and in those steps remember you are the consequential figure in your love story.

About The Author

James Baker is a student at the University of Michigan where he is set to receive a diploma in both Communication and Marketing in Spring 2022. He is also a published poet, freelance writer, with a collection of poems and essays to be published in Summer 2022.