Relationship Difficulties

All relationships experience challenges from time-to-time. In most cases, the individuals involved find a way to resolve their differences. They typically utilize effective strategies such as clear communication, compromise, and increased empathy for each other to move beyond conflict.

Conflict can present opportunities for the individuals to learn more about each other and to develop greater intimacy as they grow in their ability to have empathy through more effective communications. Human beings are social creatures. Having healthy and supportive relationships is an important component for people to thrive and flourish. Studies show that those who have strong social support live healthier lives and have longer life spans.

Relationship difficulties can contribute to a range of mental health concerns including depression, stress, and addiction. Given the impact that conflicted relationships can have on a person’s overall health and well-being, psychological intervention plays an important role in improving the quality of an individual’s life.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence-supported psychotherapy such as Emotionally-Focused Therapy help clients learn new ways of interacting with each other. Psychotherapy for relationship difficulties can be done with all individuals present or with the individual most affected by the conflict. In therapy, clients learn to understand the factors that contribute to difficulties. With greater understanding, client learn to communicate effectively, increase problem-solving skills, and develop greater empathy.

Various types of relationships benefit from psychotherapy such as:

  • Romantic partners
  • Siblings
  • Parents and children
  • Co-workers
  • Friends
  • Bosses and subordinates

The therapists at Pacific CBT are skilled at helping people improve their relationships. In some cases the therapy can reach its goals using individual therapy. Other cases may require all the members of the relationship present through couples or family therapy.

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